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Merrill Jenkins’ Economic Survival Package
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Merrill Jenkins’ Economic Survival Package

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Merrill Jenkins may be gone, but his words still ring true today. And it’s more important than ever for you to hear the knowledge he shared in his workshops and seminars.

Which is why I didn’t hesitate when I was offered rights to the recordings of not one, but two long-lost Merrill Jenkins’ seminars.

Digitally remastered and presented on six audio CDs, these seminars offer you the incredible opportunity to experience Merrill Jenkins’ legendary seminars for yourself.

You’ll hear firsthand how he first discovered the Currency Conspiracy. And listen in amazement as Jenkins peels back layer after layer of lies and misinformation to reveal the shocking truths about:

  • What “money” actually is — and who really creates it…
  • The inseparable link between taxation and slavery…
  • Why the U.S. dollar is guaranteed to fail — and how its collapse has already begun…
  • How gold and silver may not be the answer
  • How Merrill Jenkins convinced the Fed to lay their cards on the table
  • His proven strategies for dealing with the I.R.S.
  • The surprisingly simple solution that would solve America’s debt crisis
  • …And far more than I could even begin to list here!

What’s more, with Money: The Single Greatest Lie In American History, you don’t just get the audio CDs; you also receive complete easy-to-read printed transcripts of both seminars in one convenient, spiral-bound book.

You don’t have to worry about getting lost in the financial terminology Merrill Jenkins uses… because you’ll also get a compre hensive glossary of more than 80 terms — each precisely defined by Jenkins himself!

The Great Money Myth: The Secret Source of Our Financial Crisis — and How to Survive the Coming Depression is the perfect complement to Money: The Single Greatest Lie In American History. It tells you exactly what the Fat Cats and greedy establishment have hidden from you for years. The U.S. dollar is destined to collapse, and its ultimate meltdown will endanger your family and your wealth. You can’t weather this storm by hunkering down and doing nothing. This special book reveals the “secret” problem with the dollar — and gives you the simple, practical and potentially life-saving steps you can take NOW to avoid the coming financial devastation.