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America's Hidden Dental Health Crisis
Bob Livingston Letter

America's Hidden Dental Health Crisis

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America’s Hidden Dental Health Crisis: How to protect yourself and your family from this dangerous public health peril exposes details of the dangers and risks the dental health crisis brings — and gives you specific steps you can take starting right now to get your teeth and mouth in tip-top shape… so you can live an overall healthier life.

Inside this breakthrough guide, you’ll discover…

  • How vulnerable are you to a dental health crisis?
  • The shocking Covid-oral health connection
  • Hidden sources of tooth decay in your pantry
  • The dental hygiene practice nearly 60% of Americans aren’t doing
  • Drink your way to less tooth decay
  • Clean your teeth while eating
  • Ancient Indian remedy for a healthy mouth
  • Powerful, all-natural toothache relief in a bottle
  • The “Swiss Army Knife” remedy for healthy teeth and gums
  • Bacteria-killer that keeps away tooth decay
  • And so much more!